About Us

Clones photography group was formed  in 2014 to cater for the growing interest in all things  photographic in our area. We initially set up a social media presence but quickly realised there was the need for a photography club. In February 2014 we decided to form a fully operational club and set about looking for members. We made the new peace link sports complex in clones our new headquarters, and on Monday the 23rd of February we held our very first meeting. To our surprise the turnout was very high, with photographers from all walks of life/knowledge were keen to join our club!  One of our aims is to be very informal and welcoming in nature. Having fun with photography is the goal and the emphasis has always been on the pictures rather than an over emphasis on equipment. Beginners have always been well catered for. Beginners Classes have been a main feature of the program, we all have to start somewhere! Our busy itinerary includes group outings, internal and national competitions, top class guest speakers, workshops, beginner through to advanced photography classes plus many more activities. So if you have even the slightest interest in photography why not come along to our meetings and learn in a relaxed informal



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